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Sustainability Practices

As the stewards of an incredible natural landscape, The Ranch at Laguna Beach is committed to being at the forefront of sustainability and charitable efforts in our region. We take great care to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize our impact on those in need.

For example, we have changed how our property uses water, reduced the need for produce deliveries (along with the resources required to make those deliveries) and joined forces with other organizations to serve the hungry and other vulnerable populations.

To us, it’s simply part of the responsibility that comes with living and working in one of the most scenic places in the world. 

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See below for more details on our specific initiatives.

Beyond Green 

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is a proud member of Beyond Green: a global portfolio of hotels, resorts and lodges leading the way in
sustainable tourism. As a member, we are held to global standards of sustainability in tourism and in-tune with the United Nations sustainable development goals. It’s more than your average
‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy— We are evaluated on 54 sustainability indicators to ensure our property is aligned with the Beyond Green mission: Using travel as a force for good.

The Result:
We help set the standard and lead the way for more hospitality companies around the world to make our planet their priority!

Bottles to Bunkers 

Are you finished with your glass bottle? We’ll take care of it. And by that, we mean we’ll take it to our on-site glass bottle crusher and turn it into sand. Then, we’ll take that sand and use it fill bunkers on the golf course, repair our pavement and filter the pool. It’s a win for us and a win for the planet!

The Result:
70 U.S. tons of sand is created each year, reducing our waste volume by 90% and cutting our carbon footprint by getting rid of the need to transport and process glass waste.

Harvest Garden

Harvest Garden is our ½ acre, bio-dynamic farm that provides produce for Harvest Restaurant, and acts as a beautiful spot to host small group
gatherings, receptions and events. The garden is overseen with love by Farmer Leo who welcomes guests for farm tours.

The Result:
Provides a large percentage of produce for our restaurant’s seasonal menus, greatly reducing transportation-based produce delivery.

On-Site Composting

Harvest Garden utilizes all of the wet-food waste (except proteins) and paper waste from our property in a 4-6 month composting process.

20,000 pounds of food waste is eliminated yearly from entering landfills, while also reducing harmful methane emissions. This labor of love results in nutrient-rich soil that produces healthy foods, cools our planet, cleans our air and supports plants, animals and the earth’s atmosphere. Additionally, non-compostable food waste from our kitchen is used in livestock food, eliminating the process for growing, packaging and delivering processed chicken feed.

Compost Crew

Each week, Ranch Team members contribute food waste to Harvest Garden from their home kitchens.

The Result:
We project an additional 5,000 pounds of food waste will be diverted from landfills by our Compost Crew initiative.

Water Reclamation Project

87 acres of land, all 100% irrigated with reclaimed water through our partnership with the local water district. We’re keeping the golf course green in the greenest way possible!

The Result:
20 million gallons of potable water saved each year.

Surfrider Ocean Friendly Restaurant

Harvest is Laguna Beach’s first ‘Ocean Friendly Restaurant’, certified by Surfrider Foundation. This means we make sustainable choices for the good of the ocean, such as eliminating the use of Styrofoam and plastic, providing only reusable tableware, and following proper recycling practices daily.

The Result:
Continued progress toward having a truly ‘zerowaste’ restaurant cycle.

Adopt a Channel

The Ranch at Laguna Beach works with volunteers to maintain a 0.75-mile stretch of the Aliso Creek Channel in Mission Viejo. Since December 2015, we have removed over 2,500 pounds of trash and natural debris from the channel. Thanks to these continued efforts, we’re preventing this material to make its way to the Pacific Ocean.

The Result:
Continuing to remove tens of thousands of pounds of trash to create a healthier streamline ecosystem and keep our oceans clean.

Youth Camping Outreach Program

The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s newly designed “Scout Camp” will serve as the program’s backdrop. It is one of Orange County’s most fitting locations for outdoor educational experiences.We are participating in an exclusive partnership with The California Coastal Commission and the Ocean Institute for a new camping outreach program available to qualified nonprofit youth organizations. This program will provide a unique site for daytime activities and overnight camping to organizations focusing on under-privileged youth mentorship.

“We are extremely proud to offer this unique and educational program to youth mentorship organizations throughout Southern California,” said Kurt Bjorkman, general manager of The Ranch at Laguna Beach. “Our resort was developed as an extension of the local community — and we are committed to continuing to give back through a number of exciting charitable initiatives.”











OC Tree Collective 

We offer our guests the opportunity to add a ‘tree fee’ to their room charge that will pay for a tree to be planted here at The Ranch, or with our partner at The Ecology Center. Each tree planted equals about a ton of carbon that will be eliminated from the atmosphere over the tree’s lifetime. The impact and legacy of simply planting a tree is the definition of leaving a place better than you found it!

The Result:
Starting in 2022, we anticipate this program will result in hundreds of millions of tons of carbon being eliminated from our atmosphere.

Room Keys

The only thing that lasts longer than plastic is memories! That’s why we’ve swapped out plastic room keys for wooden and bamboo keys that can be returned after your stay OR kept as a souvenir. And if a key is lost in the trash (it happens), it’s biodegradable and will end up in the compost.

The Result:
An estimated 25,000 less plastic keys will make their way into a landfill.

Hook to Harvest

Harvest takes pride in using local and sustainable sources to create their seasonal menus. Each partner shares our passion, values and concern for high-quality, responsible foods. When it comes to
seafood, we partner with local fishermen from Dana Point and Newport Beach to serve the freshest seafood caught in local waters. We also do not serve salmon caught out of season or raised on fish farms. All seafood on our menu is on the James Beard Sustainable Seafood Standards list— So it’s delicious and responsibly-sourced!

The Result:
We help reduce the impact on our local fisheries, while also supporting local fishermen and their families.

In Room Amenities

MALIN+GOETZ, We have replaced all single-use guest bathroom
amenities with luxurious, dispensable products from MALIN+GOETZ. This company uses trusted, natural ingredients and advanced technology to create simple, luxury skincare— never tested on animals and made in the USA. (And, it smells really good!)

The Results:
Elimination of over 20,000 single-use plastic containers being sent to the landfill (where they were likely not recycled).

Biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests. The brushes are finished in a vegan-friendly wax and feature high quality dental-grade bristles, free of harmful dyes and no plastic.

Huppy toothpaste tablets, an oral care company providing all-natural, plastic-free toothpaste designed to better the planet. The product includes zero waste packaging, non-toxic ingredients sourced from nature, and subscription refill pouches.

Our Steeped Coffee program provides a cup of exceptional, fair-trade coffee for guests in 100% compostable packaging (which goes straight to our farm!). It’s the best way to start your day and do your part to help the environment!

The Result:
Elimination of over 10,000 non-home compostable coffee waste containers per year.


In partnership with PlanetCare Solutions, we’ve installed filters onto onto our washing machines that capture 90% of all microplastic and microfibers before they enter local water supplies and ultimately end up in the ocean.

Eliminating Single-Use Plastic

Eliminating all single-use plastic beverage containers took some creativity and support from our suppliers, but the impact to the earth is profound. Plastic laundry bags have been removed from all rooms and guest dry cleaning is delivered without plastic covers. We’ve also eliminated plastic straws, but provide eco-friendly straws upon request.

The Result:
Elimination of hundreds of thousands of plastic beverage containers and straws from entering the waste stream. Elimination of thousands of plastic laundry bags per year.

Clean the World

Housekeeping at Ranch LB partners with Clean the World, to collect and recycle soap and hygiene products discarded every day by the hospitality industry. All of our excess toiletries and soaps are donated to this organization for distribution to impoverished people around the world. These products literally can prevent millions of hygiene-related deaths each year and reduce the morbidity rate for hygiene-related illnesses.

Chefs to End Hunger

Our culinary team works with Chefs to End Hunger, which redistributes excess prepared food from food-service operations to local food agencies, ensuring it doesn’t go to waste. Participating chefs store donation kits and fill them with food; as soon as the kit is filled, they simply store it in their cooler until they receive a delivery from a participating food-service vendor. The delivery driver will collect the donation kit for distribution.

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