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Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach

Sustainable Practices

As the stewards of an incredible natural landscape, The Ranch at Laguna Beach is committed to being at the forefront of sustainability and charitable efforts in our region. We take great care to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize our impact on those in need.

For example, we have changed how our property uses water, reduced the need for produce deliveries (along with the resources required to make those deliveries) and joined forces with other organizations to serve the hungry and other vulnerable populations.

To us, it’s simply part of the responsibility that comes with living and working in one of the most scenic places in the world.

See below for more details on our specific initiatives.

Reducing Glass Waste

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is the first hospitality entity in North America to operate the GLSand glass-bottle crusher — a compact machine that creates a sand-like product from glass bottles, reducing volume by 90%.

Billions of glass bottles and jars are sent to landfills every year, and the GLSand system, made by Expleco Limited of New Zealand, will eliminate the buildup of used bottles throughout the resort. However, the benefits extend well beyond waste reduction: The resulting product, which is completely safe to handle, can be used for filtration of our pools, pavement repairs and potentially even in bunkers on Ben Brown’s Golf Course.

Water Reclamation Project

In 2015, the Ranch at Laguna Beach completed a multi-year project to install a new system utilizing reclaimed water for irrigation of the resort grounds and the Geo Certified Ben Brown’s golf course. According to the South Coast Water District, this project will save over 21.2 million gallons of water annually.

The plan was undertaken in tandem with the SCWD, which installed an all-new reverse-osmosis filtration system in the nearby Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility to ensure the highest-quality recycled water for irrigation.

“Beginning on Day 1 of our ownership, converting the irrigation of the golf course and hotel grounds to reclaimed water has been the highest priority,” said The Ranch at Laguna Beach owner Mark Christy. “This project is the linchpin of our overall effort to maximize sustainability.”

Source: Stu News

On-Site Organic Garden

We have collaborated with The Ecology Center of Southern California ( to cultivate and manage a half-acre garden that provides ingredients for our signature restaurant, Harvest. The largest organic garden in Laguna Beach, it produces seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

The Ecology Center is working closely with The Ranch LB and Harvest's culinary team to cultivate a unique blend of lettuces, kale, chard and collards, as well as a variety of tomatoes, peppers and root vegetables. The garden also features a perimeter orchard with a bounty of citrus and stone fruits, along with apple, cherry and apricot trees.

We are implementing composting/recycling initiatives to ensure all food and garden materials are handled properly. In addition, the center is developing an educational program for resort guests, which will involve hands-on experiences at the garden.

Adopt a Channel

Volunteers from The Ranch at Laguna Beach currently maintain a 0.75-mile stretch of the Aliso Creek Channel in Mission Viejo. Since December 2015, we have removed over 2,500 pounds of trash and debris from the channel — mainly trash (bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, paper) and large amounts of debris such as old leaves and sticks. Thanks to these efforts, this material was prevented from making its way to the Pacific Ocean.

Ranch LB Straw Initiative 

All food and beverage outlets at The Ranch LB only offer compostable straws upon request.

Clean the World

We partner with Clean the World, which collects and recycles soap and hygiene products discarded every day by the hospitality industry. All of our excess toiletries and soaps are donated to this organization for distribution to impoverished people around the world. These products literally can prevent millions of hygiene-related deaths each year and reduce the morbidity rate for hygiene-related illnesses.

Chefs to End Hunger

Our culinary team works with Chefs to End Hunger, which redistributes excess prepared food from food-service operations to local food agencies, ensuring it doesn’t go to waste. Participating chefs store donation kits and fill them with food; as soon as the kit is filled, they simply store it in their cooler until they receive a delivery from a participating food-service vendor. The delivery driver will collect the donation kit for distribution.

Youth Camping Outreach Program

We are participating in an exclusive partnership with The California Coastal Commission and the Ocean Institute for a new camping outreach program available to qualified nonprofit youth organizations. This program will provide a unique site for daytime activities and overnight camping to organizations focusing on under-privileged youth mentorship.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s newly designed “Scout Camp” will serve as the program’s backdrop. It is one of Orange County’s most fitting locations for outdoor educational experiences. 

“We are extremely proud to offer this unique and educational program to youth mentorship organizations throughout Southern California,” said Kurt Bjorkman, general manager of The Ranch at Laguna Beach. “Our resort was developed as an extension of the local community — and we are committed to continuing to give back through a number of exciting charitable initiatives.”


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