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Vendor Guidelines

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In order to maintain the integrity of the property, we have provided a list of guidelines for all entertainers and vendors that may be contracted to do work in the hotel. This will help us all achieve quality productions for our guests.


Visitor Pass and Décor Responsibility

Upon your arrival to the hotel, you must check in with hotel catering staff to access the wedding venue for you and all additional personnel. All the areas in the hotel that will be used are to be left in the same condition as they were prior to set-up. An inspection time will be agreed upon before set-up begins. You are responsible for leaving the premises in a neat and orderly condition, free from debris or display refuse upon the conclusion of the event. Any decor (including rose petals) left behind by the vendor will incur a minimum of a $550 cleaning fee.



Please confirm with our security department on the designated employee/vendor parking area. Vendor parking is generally located in the upper hotel lot.

All equipment will be loaded and unloaded at the loading dock only, unless otherwise approved by the Meetings and Special Events Depatment. After unloading your equipment, please promptly park your automobile. Cars left on unattended in undesignated parking areas will be towed. Please do not attempt to load or unload equipment through any public area in the hotel. All banquet rooms have a service entrance, which should be used at all times.

Due to in-house demands, use of any tools, ladders and equipment belonging to the resort is not possible. We recommend that you arrive to the resort completely self-sufficient.

Storage for equipment or décor is not available at the resort. The Ranch is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment or instruments.


Alcoholic Beverages / Illegal Substances:

The consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, and illegal substances is strictly prohibited before, during and after your performance. You are more than welcome to experience the food and beverage outlets as a guest on any other day or evening.


Golf course:

Please note the golf course is live, and off limits to all non-golfers. The penalty for walking on the greens is $750. This is for the safety of our guests.



Smoking is prohibiited inside and outside of  guest rooms and public spaces. 


Noise Levels:

Please keep volume levels in check (60 decibels at property edge). If the client or banquet manager requests volume reduction, please gracefully and promptly meet that request.


Break Area:

Arrangements may be made ahead of time for special meals and beverages in a designated break area.

The Ranch staff is made up of very hard working dedicated professionals. Please treat them with the same courtesy that you would expect.


Damage Waiver

All vendors must submit a certificate of insurance. A minimum of two weeks in advance of the event date.

All decoration, audio and lighting must be approved by the Meetings & Special Events Department and the Engineering Department.

All vendors and visitors who will be working in the hotel must check in with hotel catering staff upon arrival to the hotel. You will be directed to the wedding venue.

All vendors must check in with the banquet captain on duty when arriving at the hotel. The captain will clear them for set-up.

An inspection of the function room space is to be made prior to and preceding the event. This inspection will be done with a qualified hotel employee and a qualified contract vendor employee.

Damages to air wall track, lighting fixtures, artwork, furnishings and any other structural damage are the responsibility of the contract vendor. To prevent damage, furniture may not be moved for meeting purposes.

Any vendor/decorator planning to use a fog machine must notify their in-house group coordinator or Engineering Department a minimum of one week in advance of the function.

All contract vendors must supply their own carts for transporting materials from their vehicles to their designated work areas.

Decorators and florists must use drop cloths when working on flowers, or any type of decorations that require assembly with water, flora sponge, glitter or any other items that will adhere to carpet and walls.

Musicians must have their equipment set and ready to perform at least 90 minutes before the designated start time.

All claims for damages will be submitted to the vendor in writing within ten (10) business days following the final walk-through.

All vendors hereby agree to hold the hotel harmless from all accidents, injuries or damage arising wholly or partially due to the negligence of the hotel, its agents or employees. In addition, all vendors hereby release the hotel from any and all claims of liability that occur while in, on or about hotel premises.

In the event the vendor or any of its employees or subcontractors violates any of the foregoing guidelines or any rules or regulations promulgated by The Ranch, they will be responsible for such actions or omissions, and the hotel reserves the right to ask such individuals to leave the hotel premises immediately.

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