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Things To Do In Laguna Beach

Quick tips to help your golf game

June 30, 2017

By Ryan Sheffer, First Assistant Golf Professional, Lead Instructor,
and Jamie Engelkemier, Class A LPGA Golf Professional

Golf season is here—and if you need a little help getting into the swing of things, these five tips from our experts at The Ranch at Laguna Beach are a great place to start!

Then, join us for a round at Ben Brown’s Golf Course, or get individual or group instruction to refine your game even more — just call the Pro Shop at (949) 499-1919 to schedule your tee time or lessons.

  1. Remember your rhythm. In golf, tempo is everything — but many golfers throw off their whole swing by whipping the club back and through, trying to generate power. To keep things smooth, all you need to remember is your name: As you take the club back, say your first name; on the downswing, say your last name. Don’t rush it!
  2. Aim is the name of the game. How many times have you crushed your drive, but find yourself searching for your ball in the trees? When you’re setting up, stand 3-5 feet behind the ball and find a point just past the tee that lines up with your target, such as a leaf or a clump of mud — then, walk up to the ball and aim the clubface over that spot.
  3. Pick your spot for putts, too. Just like with your tee shots, a quick way to improve your putting is to make sure you are lined up correctly. Pick a spot directly in front of the golf ball that runs along your target line, and focus on rolling your ball over that spot. You’ll soon see more putts dropping!
  4. Shorten your backswing to avoid “military golf.” If your shots are going right-left-right-left, a quick fix could be shortening your swing. A long backswing can cause you to miss the sweet spot on the club, which means your ball can go anywhere. Try a ¾ swing for a while until your shots are going where you want them to go — then, move back to your full swing.
  5. For more distance, don’t swing harder. If you need a little more distance off the tee, swinging harder won’t help you hit the ball farther. To pick up a few extra yards, try these steps instead: Tee your ball higher, widen your stance and make a bigger turn on your backswing. The bigger turn will allow you to generate more club speed.

Stay tuned throughout the season for more tips, including how to prevent pop-ups, topped shots and the dreaded “shanks.” We’ll even provide a guide to the shots you’ll need to play your best on Ben Brown’s. See you on the links! 

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