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Keeping it green at The Ranch LB!

November 2, 2017

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is making news with our commitment to sustainability — and we’re excited to tell you how we’re helping to protect our Laguna Beach environment.

We’re crushing it when it comes to waste (literally)
Do you know how many glass bottles and jars go to landfills each year? Billions. But they won’t be heading there from The Ranch LB — we are the first resort in North America to use the GLSand glass-bottle crusher! This little machine takes bottles and jars and turns them into a fine sand, reducing their volume by 90%.

This does a lot more than just eliminate the build-up of used bottles throughout the property, too: The sand created by the machine is a reusable product that can be recycled for pool filtration and pavement repairs. We could even potentially use it in sand traps on Ben Brown’s Golf Course! 

Learn more and check out a video here.

To see how we’re making Laguna Beach a better place, including initiatives such as partnerships with organizations like Clean the World and Chefs to End Hunger, head over to our Sustainability page!


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