Fitness Classes
Saturday & Sundays

View our calendar of events at The Ranch at Laguna Beach, located in a premier location of Laguna Beach in coastal Orange County, CA.

Fitness Classes

Saturdays and Sundays. *Must be a guest of the Hotel to participate in Fitness Classes

8:30am Restorative Yoga 
Using the wisdom of yoga, this 45-minute pool-side class, encourages your body and mind to unwind and relax.  You will be guided through a series of yoga-inspired, head-to-toe stretches, with a focus on breathing, flexibility and balance.  This class combines restorative movement with the power of positive intention, to reset your body, mind and spirit!
 All participants, please meet your instructor at the Fitness Center to sign-in and receive your mat.  Wear comfortable attire.  Shoes are optional.

9:20am HIIT Fitness
“High-Intensity Interval Training” is a scientifically proven exercise method, designed to enhance your metabolism, increase energy and burn calories for a longer period of time.  Challenge your fitness in this 40-minute “HIIT” workout class, as your instructor guides you through a series of 50-second exercises, combining cardio movements, weight-training and the power of your own body-weight!
 Please meet at the Fitness Center to sign-in and participate.  Wear fitness attire and athletic shoes.  Water bottles and towel will be provided.